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Steampunk has lured me in..
Yah, the end of the day started to look like this...
MUSE is the best
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Where is everybody?
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Tonight's X-Games was pretty darn cool.  To start things off, while I knew we had some pretty decent pics, I had NO idea how freaking awesome they were.  Let's just say that when we asked the first attendant how we were to get to our seats, and his reply was "Act like your famous, your seats are through the VIP door," I was pretty floored!  So, this was part our view from our seats for Skate Board Big Air Rail Grind, BMX Big Air Finals, and Moto-X Best Trick:

The rest of the night was just as groovy, where we got to see history in the making where Anthony Napolitan did the first EVER double front flip on the BMX bike, and not only did he land it once, but he landed it 2 times.  Sadly, he didn't pull much of a trick on the 1/4 pipe after landing it so he sadly placed 5th.  Personally, that was amazing to watch, and I feel he should have taken the gold, but hey...not a judge!  We also saw the crazy bad-ass bionic man Danny Way repeatedly try to land some tricks on the Big Air Rail Grind with an injured right ankle/foot(?).  The man is a machine and was on crutches prior to and after the event....I believe the appendage is broken, but not 100% sure.  At any rate, he pulled off 1st place when he finally did land a trick.  Then came (my) the main event of the night, Moto-X best trick.  Dudes were trying to land some pretty insane stuff to back flips into 360's (which the 360 alone is just monster in the sport) to wicked insane attempts at pulling off Pastrana's Double Back flip from 3yrs ago (which we were privileged enough to be there for that history in the making as well).  Pastrana competing tonight was a huge surprise that had me all kinds of excited, but he didn't quite land his back flip into a 360 trick on the first run and was too banged up to try the second.  To quote Pastrana as best as I can remember after he got up, he knew it was going to suck mid-run and his bum hurts as a result.  First place went to Kyle Loza for the 3rd year in a row, and we were awestruck to see his "Electric Doom" trick from last year in person this year.  I'm glad all the guys that hit dirt tonight are doing well, and I look forward to seeing these guys tomorrow and Sunday in other events.

Tomorrow is more Moto-X with some street BMX, but I'm really looking forward to the Moto-X Freestyle event, then Sunday it's Rally Cars, X-Games style.  Some pictures to leave with (sorry they are blurry and all....still getting used to the new camera...guess I should read that manual, although I think it's just not equipped to take great action shots).

Danny Way grinding the rail on one of his attempts:

Anthony Napolitan mid-flip:

Robinson with some huge air:

Moto Best Trick Jump (best one my camera took sadly - it's pretty blurry):

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bringin back the 80's wut wut!
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28 June 2009 @ 11:21 pm

Yah so some of these are really bad....especially the ones taken from *cough*bootleg Twilight*cough* but I thought what the hell....I'll share.
15 November 2008 @ 01:05 pm

Well although we had a pretty good summer/fall with very minimal fires this year, it looks like nature has decided to make it happen later than usual for So Cal.  I went to my hair appointment and decided to take some pictures on the way (yah not very safe, but when everyone is driving slow it's kinda okay) needless to say, my poor hair stylist was in tears when I arrived because the fire is about to hit her parents' house, and the place was buzzing with similar stylists having to rush out to save pets and help family members - I hope all is okay for them and their families.  I think, for now, we are okay - one of the evacuation centers is the High School that is one block up the street from us.  Here are the pics I took with my camera phone:

This is taken from my driveway looking towards one of the fires (currently there are two going - one is directly to the east of us, the direction of this photo, and the other is directly to the north of us).

I took this at the hair salon - not much fun air to be breathing, and it's even obscurring the sun.

Not a very good picture, and not very wise to be doing while driving, but here is the east view while driving.
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